Friday, August 21, 2009

So much to craft so many sick….

I have sick people for most of the beginning of the week YUCK!!! I am almost done sterilizing the house in the aftermath. And now the kids are back in school so i hope to spend many great hours crafty in the weeks to come.

I’m just glad i didn’t get what everyone else had, but I really wanted to have something fun to post. I guess good things come to those who wait so just be patient and I hope to have something up soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Bot of my girls got croup, but not at the same time so we have been holed up in the house for 2 weeks because I don't want them to spread it, they are over it now and off to school next week, we should have a craft party!!!

Jaime said...

My hubby had strep last week...luckily none of us have gotten it {knocking on wood}, but I am fighting a cold now. Lots of Lysoling around here too. I hope everyone is well this week and you are getting some creating done!!

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