Monday, August 10, 2009

I won I won!!!

I can't believe I won a giveaway!!! YEAH go check out all the goodies I'll be getting here!
This really made my night!!! because it's been one of "THOSE" nights!

I was trying to hurry and shower after our swim with the family because DH's sister and family would be arriving to spend the night. So I started filling the sink to soak my swimsuit (can you see where this is leading?) well....I got in the shower enjoyed the warm water since the pool was cool tonight and when I got out I heard water running...glanced at the sink...which was still ON!!!! and water was spilling down the front the counter was cover in water and oozing down into the bathtub next to it. We have a really big counter and the whole thing was covered in water!!!

Then as I was cleaning it up I bumped a frame and as I was catching it it bumped a statue and crashed into the tub! SERIOUSLY I thought? So I got that all cleaned up and then as I was simply closing the bathroom drawer the clock fell off the wall and broke, even the hands and the gears just came off. Needless to say I left the bathroom and don't ever plan on returning to it!!!! I'm sooo excited to have something to look forward to!!!


Dana said...

Congrats!! After reading your story, I *think* your win is well deserved :-)

Sherry Wright said...

You sure deserved a win after that!! Great job with the CPS sketch and RSC. Have a great week. :)

Anonymous said...

have fun with the goodies, sounds like you could really use them;)

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