Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog slacker :)

Wow it I sure have been a blog slacker!!! We had spring break this last week so we've been out playing with the kids. We had very warm 70's weather on Monday and then a foot of snow later in the week, pretty crazy for "spring break." 
Just before we left for our mini vacation my vinyl order arrived and I couldn't even play with it until today. So here is what I've created.....
I'm doing another craft night with my church soon. This is a quote from our Prophet last October so I thought it was perfect to make for themselves or for a mother's day gift.
(wow do I need to dust behind that red plate or what)
This one is bigger about 12x12 so I put it on the wall in the entry way. LOVE IT!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Color CAS Challenge

YAY I finally had a chance to make a card with Kraft paper. I must admit this was a first for me. But I promise it won't be the last. This paper goes with everything, I think it's as much of a must as white or black :)

2 Sketches 4 You

This sketch was so much fun!!! The possibilities were endless. I used my newest font DB Woodsy to cut the Die Cuts and they turned out fabulous!!! I was so excited how well they cut. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Happy Wall

I almost forgot to share with you all (if anyone is really out there) what I made for my bedroom wall. I used some left over vinyl I had from some old projects I made with my little cricut to make these. I haven't really used vinyl since those projects since I had the small cricut, now with the big one and hopefully a new house soon my brain is exploding with ideas!!! 
The biggest one in this picture measures about 17 inches, if I had had more vinyl I would have made them all bigger, but this was a practice run and  I will make a better one for the new house (keeping the fingers crossed.)
I've just loved these they make me happy just to see them every morning, okay maybe not on really grouchy days :) Do you all have those days too or is it just me? 

on a side note here's a crazy story. So our littlest guy decided to grab onto the hand rail of the escalater at the mall today....well he is still really short and it started to carry him up and over to the top and he's feet started to come off the ground and he was about to go down, luckly my hubby and I got to him (each from opposite sides) just in time. It scared him pretty bad which is actually good if you ask me. I have to say my heart was racing for quite awhile afterwards too!!! As we went down I reallized he most likely wouldn't have been hurt too badly but still..... how can someone so short always manage to be so fast and get away from us?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Dollies

Have you ever seen such cute dolls? I absolutely love these little people, they are so fun to make too. I buy the patterns from Owlishly's Etsy shop, be careful if you don't want to buy anything then don't visit her shop!!! They are so adorable you just can't resist them I think I have about 7 patterns now :) don't tell DH.
My little niece had a birthday coming up and so I decided to whip one up, she was turning one and it would be perfect. I happened to be working on it at my other sister's house when her daughter (soon to be 10) asked what I was making, I had just told her when she blurted out "you can make one for my birthday!!!" Well how could I not with all that excitement. I now need to make a whole slew of them there are a lot of niece birthdays the end of March beginning of April. But I enjoy doing it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

2Sketches 4 You

I used the 2 Sketches 4 You sketch to make this card.
 This card was so fun to make!!! I used my new Bo Bunny ruler to make the curvy line. I love that the blue paper matched my swirls cuttlebug folder so I used that to make the bottom circles have a bit more character. And who can live without pop-dots? The card was so plain until I added the dimension too it. When it was first coming together I was hating this card it just wasn't looking good at all, and then it just went great. 
Thanks for looking!

CPS109 Fly away

I used the CPS sketch to make this card, I didn't follow it too closely but I LOVE how this turned out. I think it's one of my most favorite cards I've ever made I just love how it came together and it's so simple and was very easy to make!!! Thanks for stopping by to look!

Kid Decor

I must say that I am usually the most boring mom when it comes to holiday decorations for my kids (except Christmas) It seems I always forget to get them out until just before Valentines or Easter and by then I think why bother. So this year I decide that I would make something with paper and laminate it. Plus I had just received my new Expression for my birthday and needed a reason to use it right? Now I could make cute holiday things that were BIG. I made a bunny representing each kid and put them on their bedroom doors and one for the hallway. Then I punched holes in the huge eggs and strung it along the banister (the ribbon isn't my fave, but I was trying to use what I had) WOW the kids were so excited!!! It was like Christmas to them, I am really going to try and be better at doing things like this in the future, and now you can help me be accountable.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Egg wreath

I have been seeing these wreaths everywhere and loving them (but not the prices.) So I thought I would wait until after Easter and get one on sale. Well the other day I was at my favorite outlet craft store and they had bags of already speckled eggs (I had thought of painting my own) for $1.75 a dozen!!! I was thrilled! I bought 3 packs headed to the regular craft store bought a grape vine wreath and moss (which were both on sale!!!) I was determined to not shove it into the corner of my craft area and let it sit like I usually do. So when I came home I left if on the kitchen counter where I knew I would not forget about it. That in of itself was a miracle!!! It was very easy and fast, I think it took maybe 15 minutes. Why do I always think things will take so long and so I don't even start?
I was so in love with the results until I came home one day and noticed it just didn't have enough moss. The problem was how was I going to get more moss under and between the eggs? I was reading all my blogs and found this post with the solution. What you do is drizzle your glue gun in between the eggs and then use a skewer or pencil to shove the moss down inside. It worked so well and I added some more moss on the inside and outside too. I'm just in love with how it turned out. So thank you to all those people with wonderful ideas out there in blogger land!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bunny Boxes AGAIN

Well it's been over 3 weeks since I last posted!!! I wish I could say a lot has happened....I guess it has but not a TON worthwhile to post.
Last night I had about 9 ladies over to make the little bunny boxes and it went GREAT!!! I found the perfect paper that was both boyish and girly for the boxes by Basic Grey, the ribbon is American Craft, I love their ribbon!!!!!
By some of the comments last night you would have thought I had invented the wheel or something over a little triangle box with a bunny head, truly I do not deserve that much credit. I just borrow some one's idea and tweak it is all! It was a really fun night and it's nice not to have all those piles of supplies taking up my craft space anymore that is for sure. Today I started a new project, with all that new found space I discovered, and I hope to post it soon :)
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