Friday, August 28, 2009

I finished something!

So nice to finally have something I can share with you! I have a lot of projects that I am working on but they are all in the “ing” department and now one has moved to the “ed” department!

Here it is!

 08 28 09_2445 08 28 09_2446

I used this tutorial for using freezer paper as a stencil and went from there. I was in a rush and I used my heat embossing gun to dry the paint quickly and it worked awesome, I had this baby done in no time at all!!!!

Inside the bag is a little paper covered composition notebook and crayons. I had intended to include a little mini chalk board, chalk and eraser. Had them all done and then decided to have DH drill holes in it to add some ribbon…… should have left well enough alone! The drill split through the back, didn’t help that the bit wasn’t working well and so he pushed harder gurrrrrr. Oh well live and lean, but I had a lot of time in painting that thing today! My daughter was glad to inherit it even if it isn’t the cutest.

Here’s a peek at something I hope to finish Monday. Tomorrow we  are headed to a birthday party (that’s where the bag comes in) and then to the zoo with extended family. It will be a nice fun day and HOT!

Now that I see the one on the left on here it is pretty just the way it is, but I hope to make it even prettier with spray paint. This is a first for me but I’ve been watching all of you out there!

08 28 09_2443 08 28 09_2444


Davinie said...

That tote is adorable! I've just reacently heard of using freezer paper for crafting so now I'm going to have to give it a try! :)

Rebecca D. said...

Julie, Adorable blog! Thanks for adding it to the Blog Roll over at Blue Cricket!!!

Emily said...

Really cute....LOVE your blog!!

Thanks for stopping by Not So Idle Hands!!

Anonymous said...

I too have a lot of U.F.Os in my stash! Love the bag Julie!

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