Monday, January 31, 2011



My little girl was sick awhile back so it was a sit and do nothing day….that is until I came up with this EASY decoration. I knew I wanted to do something cute (and inexpensive) for Valentines with these glass jars but I didn’t know what. I started to think of coloring salt or sugar but was afraid of the mess they would be, then I wondered if I could color rice? Thanks to Google I found out that YES you can and it’s super easy! Simply mix the rice and some food coloring with rubbing alcohol to help the liquid evaporate. I spread it out on a cookie sheet for awhile and kept stirring it until it was dry. Do not use water with the food coloring it doesn’t dry. If your color is too dark just add more alcohol. I need to try again for a picture of the whole mantel, the lighting just wasn’t right when I took these pictures….and now my camera is loaned out for the weekend.

The glass jars are made from candle holders and glass vases from the dollar store.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss Maddi, Every Prayer Counts!

This one of my favorite picture of Maddi. I’m not sure when it was taken but I think it just shows so much of her personality.

Hello all, I've been a bad blogger lately, okay for a LONG time. There are many reasons but lets not get into most of them.

My last post was a little pathetic, not picture wise but word wise, I did it quickly from my phone. I made that card for my sweet niece Maddi. She is a beautiful 13 year old girl who was in a horrible car accident on Black Friday. I had just been out shopping with her and her mom, her sister, my sisters, cousins, friends that very morning. The accident left her with severe brain trauma. She has been in the hospital for over 39 days, the first of which were spent in a medical induced coma. And she will be there for many more days in the hospital. She is doing amazingly well however, she is now up and walking! She still has a very long way to go. She is starting to want to try her voice out and it will just be time until she is able to talk again, but I have Faith that she will.

So I'm asking all you out there in blog land if you can spread the word about our little Maddi. I know her family feels everyone's prayers daily. You can follow her progress here Every little prayer helps.

Her dad just added ads to her blog, I'm not sure how much they will help but I've been clicking on them like a mad woman :) I figure being home all day there isn't much else I can do to help them but that is one thing I can do. I look forward to reading the blog update every night. Starting at around 7ish I start checking it, I’ve been a bit compulsive about it.

I have done a lot of crafty things lately, now let’s just see if I can organize my home enough that I find the time or should I say MAKE the time to post about them.
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