Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got sick after all.....

I had a post all written up but who knows where it went out there in cyber space? Well I got sick after all....Spent the Monday going to the Dr. for my little one to see about getting him to grow, he's 4 and only in the 50 percentile for a 2 1/2 year old! Then that night I got sick and didn't get better until Wed morning.
I did do a cut out of freezer paper to do an iron-on transfer for my sister, but since she finished it at home I don't have a picture of it =( Ihope to do a shirt for my daughter soon!
I started working on a hair bow (one I've never done!) today and will post pics tomorrow when I finish it up. I have quite a few projects that just need to be finished so hopefully I can do that, but I do need to do something fun with my little guy too, he comes first and he misses having the big kids home.
So hopefully you will see something fun from me soon!!!
Hope everyone out there in blog land is well, sounds like we weren't the only house hit with the sick bug!


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better Julie! I remember when my kids were toddlers and they said anyware from 3% to 98% is normal! I did end up having a craft party last night and one of the girls made hairbows like the ones you make, too bad you didn't live closer;(

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear about all the sickies!

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