Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cute dress from Dad’s shirt

Please don’t judge me by these photos they are AWFUL!!! But when it’s all your model will give you that’s what you do, at least she smiled. These were taken awhile ago and I never posted them because of the horrible photos but oh well here goes.DSC_0256 DSC_0255

This was my first sewing project in YEARS and it was so much fun! I saw this on someone’s blog and had to try it! Take an old dress shirt and turn it into a cute sun dress. How genius is that? There is one in Tim’s closet that I am eyeing for another dress someday, let’s hope our little sprout isn’t too big to make it into a dress by the time he’s willing to give it up!

My next project is turning a pair of hubby’s slacks into a something……. We’ll see how that turns out. i hope to work on it today, but honestly it’s not looking good :(

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