Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gift for Baby

Don’t babies just smell the best?!!! My friend just had her baby and I had to make something for her, she has 3 boys and just got a little girl so I knew she wouldn’t have many girly decorations. I wanted to do vinyl but I changed plans and am soooo pleased with how it turned out! I went to the D.I. yesterday and they had the perfect piece of wood that I used to turn into a wall decorations for her. here it is.  08 06 09_2268 08 06 09_2269 08 06 09_2270

And of course she needed hair bows!!! So I snatched some that I already had made and the supplies for more as we left the house. It was a quick morning so these are not the best photos, the kids were literally waiting in the car to go to Grandma’s house as I took these pictures.08 06 09_2271  08 06 09_2274

I also found 3 different shelves to repurpose while I was at the D.I. but those will have to wait until next week as we are having guests this weekend. I hope to have them done soon so stay tuned!


Jaime said...

Oh MY! It is DARLING!!!!! How did you do that sign?

Jamie said...

What a thoughtful creative gift! I love the sign and the hair bows are adorable. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, what is the D.I.? The stuff is so cute! I am giving a baby shower for my sister in a few weeks and looking for ideas, i need to get the invites out this week, Yikes!

Rachel Anne said...

Too, too cute!! I absolutely love what you've done.

Thanks for joining in for "coffee!" :)

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