Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Happy Wall

I almost forgot to share with you all (if anyone is really out there) what I made for my bedroom wall. I used some left over vinyl I had from some old projects I made with my little cricut to make these. I haven't really used vinyl since those projects since I had the small cricut, now with the big one and hopefully a new house soon my brain is exploding with ideas!!! 
The biggest one in this picture measures about 17 inches, if I had had more vinyl I would have made them all bigger, but this was a practice run and  I will make a better one for the new house (keeping the fingers crossed.)
I've just loved these they make me happy just to see them every morning, okay maybe not on really grouchy days :) Do you all have those days too or is it just me? 

on a side note here's a crazy story. So our littlest guy decided to grab onto the hand rail of the escalater at the mall today....well he is still really short and it started to carry him up and over to the top and he's feet started to come off the ground and he was about to go down, luckly my hubby and I got to him (each from opposite sides) just in time. It scared him pretty bad which is actually good if you ask me. I have to say my heart was racing for quite awhile afterwards too!!! As we went down I reallized he most likely wouldn't have been hurt too badly but still..... how can someone so short always manage to be so fast and get away from us?


Anonymous said...

Cute blog, love the bunny boxes and the little dolls!

Pieces of Us said...

haha, that reminds me of when nathan sat on the escalator and it ate his bum. i'm glad porter didn't get hurt though!

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