Friday, April 3, 2009

Kid Decor

I must say that I am usually the most boring mom when it comes to holiday decorations for my kids (except Christmas) It seems I always forget to get them out until just before Valentines or Easter and by then I think why bother. So this year I decide that I would make something with paper and laminate it. Plus I had just received my new Expression for my birthday and needed a reason to use it right? Now I could make cute holiday things that were BIG. I made a bunny representing each kid and put them on their bedroom doors and one for the hallway. Then I punched holes in the huge eggs and strung it along the banister (the ribbon isn't my fave, but I was trying to use what I had) WOW the kids were so excited!!! It was like Christmas to them, I am really going to try and be better at doing things like this in the future, and now you can help me be accountable.

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