Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Egg wreath

I have been seeing these wreaths everywhere and loving them (but not the prices.) So I thought I would wait until after Easter and get one on sale. Well the other day I was at my favorite outlet craft store and they had bags of already speckled eggs (I had thought of painting my own) for $1.75 a dozen!!! I was thrilled! I bought 3 packs headed to the regular craft store bought a grape vine wreath and moss (which were both on sale!!!) I was determined to not shove it into the corner of my craft area and let it sit like I usually do. So when I came home I left if on the kitchen counter where I knew I would not forget about it. That in of itself was a miracle!!! It was very easy and fast, I think it took maybe 15 minutes. Why do I always think things will take so long and so I don't even start?
I was so in love with the results until I came home one day and noticed it just didn't have enough moss. The problem was how was I going to get more moss under and between the eggs? I was reading all my blogs and found this post with the solution. What you do is drizzle your glue gun in between the eggs and then use a skewer or pencil to shove the moss down inside. It worked so well and I added some more moss on the inside and outside too. I'm just in love with how it turned out. So thank you to all those people with wonderful ideas out there in blogger land!

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Amy said...

Looks great with the added moss--such a difference!

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