Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Dollies

Have you ever seen such cute dolls? I absolutely love these little people, they are so fun to make too. I buy the patterns from Owlishly's Etsy shop, be careful if you don't want to buy anything then don't visit her shop!!! They are so adorable you just can't resist them I think I have about 7 patterns now :) don't tell DH.
My little niece had a birthday coming up and so I decided to whip one up, she was turning one and it would be perfect. I happened to be working on it at my other sister's house when her daughter (soon to be 10) asked what I was making, I had just told her when she blurted out "you can make one for my birthday!!!" Well how could I not with all that excitement. I now need to make a whole slew of them there are a lot of niece birthdays the end of March beginning of April. But I enjoy doing it.

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Kay Sibley said...

Seriously, these dolls are SO CUTE!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Love, love them!!! And I know your nieces will love them too!!!

The scalloped paper you asked about is from the Making Memories Noteworthy spiral notebook paper. The pack has several patterns of small journal papers. All I did was tear one out and trimmed off the spiral fringe edge. And, there you go!! ♥♥ Kay

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