Friday, February 20, 2009

My latest obsession is making boxes. I have never made any before this week but I've been seeing so many cute ones on different blogs I had to try my hand at them. So please be kind when looking at them.

I decided to make one to hold all my tools. I found the inspiration for the tool box here. However I modified a template found here to make the actual boxes. From there I just couldn't stop making more! They are very fun and addicting to make. So... I decided to try my hand at designing my own template and made one up to hold all my Cuttlebug folders. Then of course I needed on to hold my mini folders. I will have to make one to hold my small tools as they will get lost in the bottom of the tall one, I think I will make it the same size at the mini Cuttlebug one. 

 Hubby had to go back into work tonight so I stayed up late finishing them off. And then I did some cleaning while there was no one tugging at my legs!!! The kids can sleep through the noise of cleaning up but Hubby wouldn't be able to sleep in very well with all the noise.  So I guess in the morning I'll have to hang out downstairs....hmmm create more boxes!!!!

Well here they are....let me know what you think ;)
Here is a close up of the large Cuttlebug folders box. If I get enough requests for patterns for the next two I will write them up. I took notes!!! Not that anyone else would understand them yet :)

I made little dividers for this one to separate the different sets. I think the mini tabs are so cute!! I love anything mini though.
I can't decide if I should cover the other sides of this one or just call it good and leave it blue. What do you think?


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Amy said...

Your boxes turned out so cute! I love the Cuttlebug embossing! Of course, I'm of the persuasion that you definitely should decorate all sides. Remember the goal first and foremost is to use up some of that paper so you can buy more!!!

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