Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CuTe cOntAineRs

I LOVE cute containers. Isn't everything more fun that way? On the flip side I'm also very practical (some might say very cheap) So when I get my cute containers they of course have to be bargains!!!!
Here's 2 of my most recent and favortie, and I must say the cutest!
I'm sure many of you out there already have these cute jars from IKEA 
Ever since I first saw these jars at our new IKEA I HAD to have them, but what for? Then one day after buying WAY too many buttons on sale (of course) at JoAnn's it hit me button jars!
These Cute little baskets are about 4 inches wide. I love them so much! I keep going back for more and at $0.50 each who can resist? I have the pleasure of living near the Provo Craft outlet store and I think I have bought a total of about 12 of these so far and I wouldn't mind a few more.

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