Monday, January 31, 2011



My little girl was sick awhile back so it was a sit and do nothing day….that is until I came up with this EASY decoration. I knew I wanted to do something cute (and inexpensive) for Valentines with these glass jars but I didn’t know what. I started to think of coloring salt or sugar but was afraid of the mess they would be, then I wondered if I could color rice? Thanks to Google I found out that YES you can and it’s super easy! Simply mix the rice and some food coloring with rubbing alcohol to help the liquid evaporate. I spread it out on a cookie sheet for awhile and kept stirring it until it was dry. Do not use water with the food coloring it doesn’t dry. If your color is too dark just add more alcohol. I need to try again for a picture of the whole mantel, the lighting just wasn’t right when I took these pictures….and now my camera is loaned out for the weekend.

The glass jars are made from candle holders and glass vases from the dollar store.


Lorie said...

That is a great idea. I always love inexpensive jar fillers. I actually have a ton of jars on top of my fridge that need to be switched out. I was looking for something colorful, yet still kitchen related. This might just be it!

Jane Clark said...

You are very clever, you create cards, sew and do other crafts!! well done!!

AaReAn said...

oh my gosh this is absolutely adorable! I LOVE the layered color look!!!! I just did a fun layered color cookie recipe on my color should come over and check it out! I think you'd totally like it!


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